Thursday, 28 April 2016

Be Nice

Few weeks ago, I took both of my boys to Pasar Malam near our house.  A lady at pasar malam gave adik a stare and kept looking between abg and adik. Which make adik feel uncomfortable (any child wouldn't like a stare). He knows he is different. At the age of 3 he already asked me about it. I explained at my level best and make it as simple as possible. We talked about it from time to time. I don't want to make him feel that his cleft is something I want to hide.
So I asked this lady nicely... "Cik tgok apa?" Then she said kembar sorg lagi ni lain ya while pointing her fingers at d lips... I said yes. She was still frowning... Ok lah may be dia x pernah met anyone with a cleft.
Then, politely I told her - if u see a child that look slightly or obviously different from the other... Look at them with a smile. It makes a lot of different than a frowning face.
Adik then said... Adik x der gigi jerr... Dah patah mcm upin & ipin.... Hahahaha haiii laahh adik!

It is easier to educate a child than a grown up "adult".  Be nice... especially to kids.

To adik - you are handsome alrite!

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  1. salam puan..nak tanya berapa ya kos masa di ppum untuk operate clefp lip dan palate